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Discovery Writers enjoy the written word, sharing insights, humour and drama through stories, memoirs and poems.

What we do

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month (not January) to read and discuss our current work. Each year we choose a writing theme and upskill our knowledge through workshops. Discovery Writers welcomes all who enjoy writing to come and share in our friendship afternoons.

Where and when we meet

Miles Franklin room, Hurstville Library, Dora St, Hurstville

12.30 - 3.00pm, first Tuesday of the month (except January)

Monthly workshops from 1.00pm:

There will be time for readings and feedback. Bring 3 copies of your work. See you there.

March 5th: From 1.00pm – Visualising the Scene

When we write we are remembering, imagining or playing with ideas, facts and fictions. Part of the writing process involves visualising or ‘seeing’ with the inner eye that particular situation of curious interest which demands to be recorded. Generally, this is in a setting, a scene.

Today, we will create a scene! But it will alarm no one. The scene is purely for our enjoyment.

April 2nd: From 1.00pm - Imagery: Colour, Spice, Word Music

Using an image in a story is like marinating a steak. A little goes a long way. Even one image, a simile or metaphor, can be a source of tantalising interest for the reader.

Many people imagine that imagery is only suitable in fiction or poetry. But there is no rule or reason to reject imagery in memoir or other non-fiction. A writer is painting a word picture. An image give extra colour, figuratively and sometimes literally e.g. the spider’s body glistened like silver. This extra depth to a piece of writing allows the reader to more readily ‘see’ the action.


Community Group Award

Discovery Writers are the recipients of a Community Group Achievement Award - for outstanding services to the St George Community. Presented by Mark Coure MP, the award is welcome and especially prized. It recognises the many members who give their support and work behind-the-scenes to keep the art of writing alive in the community.

If you have always wanted to write, now is a great time to start. Come along and meet our outstanding writers.

Current projects

Discussion groups

Personal projects e.g. memoir.

Dreams & Scenes: This project is supported by the Georges River Council.

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Discovery Writers also express our appreciation for assistance under the current Georges River Venue Hire program.

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Date: Tuesday, Mar 5th

Place: Hurstville Library

Time: 12.30 - 3.00pm

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