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Workshop Gold


Topics: In 100 Words - Environment - Ekphrasis - Flash Fiction

In 100 Words


words are trapped
in literal dictionaries
not knowing 
when they’ll be rescued
imaging a poem      
— Tanka

The curtain rises on a new stage
my living room   now dressed in timber
Where once I trod with muffled footsteps
on carpet drab and dusty   I now hear
each footfall loud and clear and in answer
each resounding creak   My floor speaks and will
not be silenced   What’s more it moves   This tree
with its rough bark skirt and smooth supple limbs
has yielded a living bounty   planks of cream
and brown tinged with a faint blush   heartwood
blending with sapwood in a medley
of straight and wavy grain   swirls   spirals
ripples   distinctive knots   and here and there
a stripe   a speckle   a splash of ink
from its black butt to stop me in my tracks
This floor’s not just for treading   It demands
centre stage   top billing   I’m floored   I’m quite
upstaged and loving it   I’m not just
walking on timber   I’m walking on air
— Treading the Boards
Asuncion Pritchett


Story title to come